Friday, November 30, 2012

"White Christmas" cast profile: Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is full of holiday spirit - and mischief - as entertainer Phil Davis in "White Christmas"!

GCP Girl: Tell me a bit about your character.
TS: My character is Phil Davis. He’s the fun-loving, skirt-chasing half of the famous performing duo, Wallace & Davis! He usually tries to get his buddy Bob to go out and start having fun, which leads them into some interesting situations!

GCP Girl: Tell me about some of your previous shows.
TS: I’m wrapping up my sixth year at the GCP! I started here at the beginning of my college career in "Beauty and the Beast." Since then, I’ve played roles such as Leo Bloom in “The Producers,” Cornelius Hackl in “Hello, Dolly!,” Ko-Ko in “Hot Mikado,” Billy Crocker in “Anything Goes” and Don Lockwood in “Singin’ in the Rain.” All of these shows have acted as my training in theatre, acting- and dancing-wise!

GCP Girl: Why did you audition for "White Christmas"?
TS: Not only was I familiar with many of the talented people I knew were auditioning and was excited to work with, I also loved the message and the holiday spirit that the movie leaves you with each time you watch it. It’s one of those classics that never gets old around Christmastime. I knew how much people loved our last Christmas musical, "GI Holiday Jukebox," and I wanted to be a part of that special experience again!

GCP Girl: What is your favorite musical number in the show?
TS: That is a tough one. I really enjoy performing “I Love a Piano”, because I feel it to be one of the more impressive numbers that we pull off and tap dancing is just fun. But, I also would say that the song “Snow” has to be one of the more fun songs we perform, simply because, as a Floridian, it encapsulates all the fun I believe having snow for the holidays would be! Sure, your car might be frozen, and the storms are lame, but hey, you get to have snowball fights, skiing, and sledding!

GCP Girl: Finish this sentence: "I know it's the holiday season when..."?
TS: Well, I definitely know when Fall is here when you start seeing pumpkin being put into every beverage and pastry! But I would say I know when the holiday season is here when I start smelling mulled cider in the air. That aroma just does it for me. It’s not the holiday season until I start smelling cider, no matter how many Christmas songs I may hear, haha.

GCP Girl: What plays or musicals would you like to see GCP produce in an upcoming season?
TS: I would absolutely LOVE to see "Into the Woods" be produced at the GCP again! I feel a big cast show like that, coupled with a more contemporary musical such as "Next to Normal," would allow for a pretty awesome season! Bring in a kids’ musical, like "Annie," and that should round out the year perfectly!

GCP Girl: What is your favorite winter holiday tradition?
TS: Actually, one of my favorite traditions started only a few years ago, at the Christophys’ "White Christmas" party! The Christophys, who are all in this show, throw a party where we all come over and watch "White Christmas." Now, I can’t imagine the holidays without it. It makes doing this show even more special.

GCP Girl: What are you looking forward to the most about performing in "White Christmas"?
TS: I am most looking forward to now getting to enjoy doing the show and working with this wonderfully talented and friendly cast. Everyone has been so amazing to work with in this show, and we were really blessed to have everyone cooperate and meld as a team. I get to work alongside Stephen Griffin, who has worked his butt off for his starring role of Bob Wallace, and is amazing. Also, I get to fall in love with Victoria Sexton, our Judy Haynes, who has come from Ocala to share her simply outstanding talents with all of us. I guarantee the audience will also fall in love with her. Add in the constantly astounding talents of Susan Christophy, who is our Betty Haynes, and Kelley Addis, our Martha Watson, and you could see why I’m excited, haha.

GCP Girl: Tell me something you'd like everyone to know!
TS: Tap dancing is my absolute favorite! :-)

Thanks, Thomas! Celebrate the weekend by coming to see this holiday classic!

xo xo GCP Girl

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