Saturday, June 14, 2014

'Into The Woods' cast profile: Thomas Sanders

GCP favorite and Vine sensation, Thomas Sanders, has big ears and a big ego in 'Into The Woods'

Character: The Wolf/Cinderella's Prince

GCP Girl: Tell me a little about yourself. 
Thomas: I'm a Manufacturing Engineer working at a pharmaceutical development company out in Alachua! I studied Chemical Engineering at UF. I've previously been see on stage as Leo Bloom in "The Producers", Billy Crocker in "Anything Goes", and Don Lockwood in "Singin' in the Rain"!

GCP Girl: Tell me about your characters? 
Thomas: Well, the Wolf is a very hungry, primal fellow that is obsessed with making a very satisfying meal out of Little Red and Granny! He's so much fun, because I simply get to hold nothing evil back for him! He is sneaky and devious and I love the bed scene (If you've seen the show, you know why that is)!! The Prince, while having the same sort of hungers that the Wolf had, has been brought up a little differently, and so pursues those desires in a much more refined way! He's so hammy and big and it's sooooo much fun to play!!

GCP Girl: What is your favorite piece of music to sing in 'Into The Woods'? 
Thomas: That would definitely have to be "Agony", which is the duet between both princes, where they lament about their respective princess that they have yet to obtain. The words are so much fun, and the audience loves it. Tony and I love singing that song together because we really can feed off each other's energy and have a great time!

GCP Girl: What is your favorite moment in the show? 
Thomas: I think my favorite moment would have to be when they sing "No One is Alone". It's such a tear jerker, and wraps up one of the best messages from the show. Still to this day, one of my favorite songs!

GCP Girl: Why did you decide to audition for 'Into The Woods'?
Thomas: I have always loved this show! It's one of my favorite Sondheim shows, if not my most favorite! It's such a wonderful and creative take on the classic fairy tale characters we all have come to know, and contains a powerful message. The fun thing about this show, is that it is so loaded with meaning and metaphor, that I still discover new things in this show even today! This is the second time I've done this show, and it's fun every time I do it!

GCP Girl: What do you hope audience members take away from this show and why? 
Thomas: I hope audiences take away a little bit of the message of this show, which is to take care in what they teach their children and how what we do now may have consequences in the future! As the show changes in message from the first to the second act, it hopes to help people change in their mindset. If nothing else, I hope people come away feeling better than when they came in, because we truly aim to get just a little chuckle out of everyone!

GCP Girl: If you had to pick another classic Fairytale to incorporate into Sondheim's story, which would you pick and why? 
Thomas: Oh wow! Cool question! I would probably incorporate Hansel and Gretel into this show, mainly because they were sent into the woods by their mother, who was trying to get rid of them, and they could potentially visit the Witch, who just so happens to have a summer cottage made out of candy hahaha. They would be another example of how to raise children, and I just think there would be a great opportunity for some funny dialogue between those two kids haha.
GCP Girl: Talk about one of your most memorable theatrical experiences ever, either as a performer or audience member. 
Thomas: You know, I always will remember the fantastic times when no matter what, you would have this moment in a show that would always evoke laughter from the audience! Playing Leo Bloom in "The Producers" had tons of those moments!! I will always say yes if to that show if it were ever to be proposed again!

Thanks, Thomas! You sure have come a long way since your debut as the pepper shaker in 'Beauty and the Beast'. 

This is the last weekend to catch Thomas Sanders and the rest of the cast in 'Into The Woods'! Don't miss it!

xoxo GCP Girl